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Create an order reference to multiple orders

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In VA01, you can create an order reference to an order. In our business, we need

to create one KE order for multiple KB orders. Is there an easy way to list multiple

KB orders during KE order creation, rather than inputting one KB order one at

the time on "Create with Reference" pop-up screen? BTW, currently my company

is on ECC 5.0 of R/3 system.

Thank you!

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Answers (2)

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Hi Mari

In standard SAP, we can create one KE order in reference to one "F8" document.


G. Lakshmipathi

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hmm i don't think we can create multiple sales order with reference. We can do MASS change in sales orders, but not a mass creation i reckon.

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Hi Poorna,

Thank you very much for your reply but I'm afraid that you didn't understand

my question. We are not trying to MASS create sales orders using "create

with reference". In our consignment business to customers, we issue multiple

KB orders (maybe 7 - 10) throughout a month. If a customer decides to purchase

consigned goods, we creates only 1 KE order for those KB orders and then relieve

the inventory and issue an invoice. Currently in our system, I don't see there is

a way to list out multiple sales orders in "create with reference". In order to

associate multiple KB orders in one KE, we have to repeatedly reference one

KB order one at the time in "create with reference". I was wondering if there is

a functionality in the standard SAP (like multiple selection box) where you can

list many sales orders to be referenced. Thank you very much for your time and


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Anyone has any thoughts?