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Create a serial number with external equipment number range - asynchronous

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Dear all,

I am working a client who wants to implement serialization for their equipment from the material goods receipt from vendor. Below are the conditions that needs to be met:-

1. Equipment has to have an external number range.

2. Serialized number and equipment number are different (asynchronous), they have a equipment naming rule book which needs to be adhered too.

3. Equipment number at different location should have the same name; equipment can be at different Functional location hierarchy with the same number as they are identical.

I tried to have synchronous setting activated in the material master by maintaining "Level of Explicitness for serial number" as 1. This allows me to create a serial number before hand with the allowed external number range of equipment, I was hoping system would allow to change the serial number after creation using IQ02>More>Edit>Special Serial number function>Change serial number. But system does not allow.

Question:- Does SAP not support creation of equipment with external number range with asynchronous serial number (Serial number and equipment number are different)?



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Raheel answer is correct - SAP supports having an equipment number X with a serial number Y.

As a side note, the reason why you might not allowed to change the serial number of your equipment might be the status. Try changing the serial number when the equipment is available. However ... I rarely see a reason why a serial number is changed. The option exists, but in practice it is rarely used.

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Thanks for the response, I agree we can have Serial number as X and Equip as Y when Equip number ranges is internal number range.

In our business scenario, we have equipment number to be external as the business has to comply with their international business standards. In this scenario we have an equip category M which has external number range assigned. When we activate serial number profile and create a serial number and activate the equipment view and save, system tries to input an equip number (TM0000000000001E as just a random value for initiation) but since its a external equip number it terminates the process:-

We can overcome this issue by maintaining "Level of Explicitness for Serial Number" as 1 (Serial number and equip as synchronous) in the material master Plant Data/Stor 2 view. This allows us to create the serial number with equipment number, but the serial number has to follow the equipment number range which would then become not the true manufacturer's serial number but the equipment number itself.

So the question is:- Does SAP support the serial number X and Equipment number as Y when we have an external equipment number range?

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That screenshot really helped, I fully understand your issue now. I have not run into it yet ... I've normally used the internal number assignment for equipment records .

Have you tried changing the settings in IOS2 for the serializing procedure from 02 to 01? SAP's wording is quite deceiving on this. IT looks like when you use this option SAP will "reserve" an equipment record number for you which will need to be activated later.

Take a look at this question. It looks like this person was trying to do the exact same thing I'm proposing

Try it out and let us know if anything worked. I know I'm missing some steps, but I woudl have to set it up in my system to truly remember everything.


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When creating master records for equipment, the system offers two options for assigning serial numbers: automatic or manual.

If the user chooses to use the automatic option and sets the indicator to 1, the system will assign the serial number and equipment number automatically, and the two numbers will be the same. This applies regardless of whether the master record is created through the master record maintenance transaction or via a goods movement.

However, if the user chooses to manually assign serial numbers, they must use numbers that originate from the external number range assigned to the equipment category. This ensures that the manually assigned serial numbers are unique and conform to the specifications of the equipment category.

It's worth noting that some equipment categories may allow for the use of alphanumeric characters in serial numbers, while others may only allow for numeric characters. It's important to check the specifications of the equipment category and use the appropriate serial number format when manually assigning serial numbers.

Refer this link Synchronization of Serial Number and Equipment Number