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Create a Sales Order with MTO or MTS

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Hi Gurus,

Im trying to define a sales process with 2 kind of item cathegory for the same item

when i create the sales order, the item default is TAN, if there's stock, no problem i can delivery

if not, i would like to change the item cathegory manually and it create a MTO process.

Can you please help me in the SD configuration, all the steps please.

How can i costumize the item, and the SD definition (item, etc..)

its very urgent!!

thanks in advance gurus

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Answers (3)

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HI gurus,

Can you be more specific please, cauz i really dont know how to configure the item category and all the affectation associated,

thanks in advance

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Hi Alcino,

Use Itcat - TAK for MTO

To get the same determined alongwith TAN manually assign
SalesDocTy-OR/ ItcatGr- NORM/DItcat-TAN/MItCat-TAK

The matl MRP Type - PD (suppose)

Assign SchLCat - CP to TAK & PD

Subsequently do the TOR settings

Hope you shall be able to do the above.

Remember the ReqTy determination process. MTS or MTO the key lies with TOR.

1. Strategy group in the material master.
2. MRP group.
3. Material type
4. Item category and the MRP type.
5. Only item category



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As per my knowledge go to vov7 then assign your item category TAN there is a one more column is there i.e, manual entry hear you could maintain TAC  for MTO.

Then u can rise sales order first it will display MTS-TAN then u can change manually to MTO-TAC 

I hope it is workable,



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Please search in the forum, [] ,you will get lot of useful material.