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Create a Excel File in a Background Job


Hi SAP Gurus,

I am trying to create an Excel file using a background job but it is not possible.

In foreground mode i get a file.

Can someone give an explanation for that? Or someone have a workaround ??

Best Regards

João Fernandes

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Answers (3)

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Check the Wiki:

It even describes different alternatives, so you should find an answer there.

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If you have successfully demonstrated that SAP can write an output to an excel file, then it can do this in background as well as foreground. The problem is probably not with the fact that it is 'Excel', but that it is trying to write a file in the background to a destination file location that is unknown to the system.

Generally, without special setup, SAP software is unaware of most file locations that are outside of the SAP system itself. When you log on through the SAP Gui, the SAP back end can "learn" about certain additional file locations through your PC setup and the SAPGUI session. This 'knowledge' is lost as soon as you commit your program to a background process.

Talk to your Basis person, and tell him what you wish to do. This functionality is possible to do, but probably not in the way you are expecting.

Best Regards,


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On the screen you use to set the output device, there's a button called Properties in the lower portion of the dialog box. Press it to review what's there. I can't recall whether or not there's anything there related to creating an Excel file.