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County taxable Wages and Income tax withheld missing on W2 Mag file for some local authorities of IN

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Hello All,

When we execute the Tax Reporter (PU19) transaction for Form W-2, the local wages and tax withholding are being reported in PDF forms of Form W-2, but these amounts are not included in the Magnetic media file form under position 309-County Taxable and position 320-County Income Tax Withheld of the RS record. This is happening only for some authorities and not all.

Please refer the below screen shots for the detailed explanation of the issue:

The second page of the W2 Employee Copy form, Box 18 shows the local wages, and box 19 shows the local income withheld correctly, but the corresponding media file for the same EE is not showing the local tax withheld.

We tried to find out from where the W2 PDF form is getting these tax values. This was verified through PU19--> Display form fields-->Enter tax reporter form number-->Execute

Looking at the above screen shot, it’s clear that the County taxable wages are getting pulled out from V002/T125 tax form field and the county income tax withheld from V003/T126 tax form field.

We also checked the configuration of the magnetic media form (HR_F_MMREF_1_IN) to ensure that correct fields are mapped against 309 & 320 position.

Here the tax form fields are mapped correctly. We also tried replacing V002 by T125 and V003 by T126 however the results look same.

Below is the W2 MAG file for Indiana (executed for all employees)-

We can see that the tax amounts are missing only for some authorities and for others it’s getting generated correctly.

Please let me know if we are missing on something or ways to remediate this issue.


Pooja J

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The issue was resolved by maintaining the table T5UX5. Authorities for which the county taxable wages and income tax withheld were not seen were added in T5UX5 with proper customization.

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