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Costs not adding up from level 3 to level2 & 1 in Hierarchy Reports

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1.   In the report S_ALR_87013558  the actual cost  is not rolling up to higher levels.

4    Upon analysis I could see that in all hierarchy reports I find the same value $ 26,075 ( checked in the table RPSCO )

5.   The actual cost of  level 3  is 67,968 but the level 2 actual cost of its superior wbs 20,619.  Why is the level 3 cost not added to level 2 in this case ?

Q) Why is the correction posting ( CORR ) and( KOAR ) has happened in level 3 and the cost not rolled up to level 2 wbs insted reduced with KOAR

           Object                  Actual

      PRJ                         26,075
     WBS Level 2            20,619
     WBS  Level 3            67,968

Could some please explian this scenario. Thanks

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Answers (2)

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As per Sanjeev, this is due to some database incosistency only , So try for CJEN and CJBN , along with RKACOR04  progarmme for the the adjustment between Line Items and total records.



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May be this is due to some data consistency in system, check report after reconstruction of project data base via CJEN and check PRHI table for hierarchy of wbs.