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Costing Variant

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client used the price unit in acconting tab of Material master, but now they want to use the lot size in the costing tab for price unit what is the reason for that. In the config of the costing variant the "Pass on lot size = NO".

what is the difference b/t the prict unit & lot size is it something to do with the routing setup? In what condition we use price unit and what condition we use the lot size or does the system automatically picks it up?

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Answers (2)

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We use a large costing lost size on some materials to get a more accurate cost per one piece.

The costing lot size controls how the costing happes, the price unit controls the valuation.

We cost with large lots, but the Accounting 1 usually reflects the inventory per 1 unit.

Test it out by changing the costing lot size and see the differences.

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Lot size is the batch size that you want to do costing. Say for example if you want to do costing for 1000 units as one lot you can do that. for that you need to specify in material master costing1 view costing lot size and in accounting1 view you neeed to select price unit with the number of pieces you want to do costing. Then it will automatically update after costing run after release.

Note: when you do costing run if u dont select lost size it will take from material master.

If you want to do costing for different lot size than in material master you give input in costing run.


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So with your example how much we can define as the price per unit and the how much is for the Lot size?


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