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Costing spare parts in reporting point

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during back flush how can we track the price for spare parts like washers , while the situation is like this .. ie in one reporting point 5 washer used and in another reporting point 10 washers were used .

How the quantity can be mentioned during backflush



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Please let us know what procedure you are following.



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Hi Anand,

here the situation is we got aroung 1000 components in that we got washers with certain qty as per standard,

But in shop floor during manufacturing according to free space extra washers were added to tighten the washer qty get changed .

while running cost estimation as per BOM cost is getting calculated but our client says hw will u estimate the extra washer used in certain assembly.

More over they require each assembly should be costed according to exact usage of washers to that particular assembly.

here scenario is REM....period end closing....

we are following cost estimation with washer qty as per BOM.


s.suresh kanna