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Costing sheet in networks and network activities

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Hi experts,

I could use your help with a topic.

I have a project strucuture composed by project definition, WBS, networks and network activities. When I create a project by copy of the standard structure, the correct costing sheet is copied. However, the costing sheet that is populated by default on the networks (standard costing sheet for production orders) is not correct and nor is the one populated in the network activities (Z costing sheet for production orders). Can anyone tell me where this is defined in the customizing?

I searched everywhere but could not find it... I'm not sure if this might not be related to the order type and someone must have added it to PP customizing since the costing sheets appearing are production ones.

Thanks in advance, Mari.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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The default costing variants are configured in the "Specify Parameters for Network Type" step.  This configuration is set at a combination of Network Type and Plant. 

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Hi Ken, thank you for your help. However, in the costing variant I can only maintain one costing sheet. I have multiple costing sheets for the same network type. Is there a way the costing sheet can be copied from the WBS, or something similar? Thanks in advance!