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Costing Credit key

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Hi All,

We have around 20 plants and we are using three overhead in each plant. so instead of creating separate costing sheet for each plant, we are creating one cost sheet with plant wise credit key. We have found an user exit COOM0001 available for this. is this user exit will solve this problem? if yes, could you please guide how to use this user exit.



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go to SMOD t.code put the user exit COOM0001 and go to the component .

check in the menu bar goto- documentation available on this.....if any.. othwr wise double click on the EXit....... you can cee one include program which your abaper has to activate as aobject and check in import and export tab where you can see which fields are available ... give your logic to abaper ..thats all.

In normal case already project will be there and when abaper will activate the object he will include the same in the existing project and also for such type of activating user exit abapers will not go for creating new project.

Sirdhar has given the user Exit.componet in the enahancement...use the same..

Hope clear...

If useful asign points...



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Prabhat Kumar

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<b>Use T-code CMOD for enhancement</b> You would certainly need Developers' assistance. This is possible.

Refer to OSS 116808.

EXIT_SAPLKASC_003: Overheads: Credit within the exit COOM0001 is the enhancement that would help you achieve what you are looking for.

Credit cost center depending on the plant

A company has two plants: Plant 0001 and 0002. If the processed order is assigned to plant 0001, cost center 1 has to be credited under credit cost element 660000, and if it is assigned to plant 0002, cost center 2 has to be credited under cost element 660000. For this purpose, the credit object is determined via a user exit for credit E01. This credit E01 must then be entered in the costing sheet in the corresponding overhead row.

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Hi sridhar,

Thanks for your reply,

SAP also given the same note to do the Userexit.

We are doing that. i will update the status very soon.



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The credit key allows to post the offsetting. I am not sure why you need 20 different credit keys.

I believe the document will be recorded with the plant information and this should be sufficient.