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cost sheet with material cost only not with overheads

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Hi experts,

We need to prepare cost sheet with material cost only not with overhead cost,we have not maintained any overheads in routing but the system picking the overheads from finance side. How to eliminate the overhead in the cost sheet. Any configuration required in that?


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Answers (4)

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Hi Francies,

In the Cost Sheet OverHeads are Calculated on the Base of Material,

you do one thing in the Cost Sheet don't Mention any From and to Column

System will not take into Consideration for Calcuation of OH's......

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not required

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If you don't reuqire over heads to calculate and consider in product cost, you need defined cost sheet and attach in valuation variant.

Raw material cost and activity cost any way will come to product cost by exploding BOM and Routings.

if you need any more clarifications, post them clearly. In my present project also, i have not defined cost sheet, as my cleient don't require to include over heads.


ramesh B

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Hi Francis,

Your question is very confusing.

the mistakes in you question:

1. What do you mean by preparation of costing sheet with material cost only and not with overhead cost.

because costing sheet is prepared to calculate the overhead cost.

2. probably you understood overhead cost with activity cost. in routing you we wont maintain any overheads. we will maintain only activity cost.

3. from finance directly the overhead cost cannot flow.

4. in costing sheet, you need to define only the material related cost elements as base and if you want to calculate the overheads on material cost, then you need to apply the overhead rate on this base conditions.

Please let me know if you need further details in this regard