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Cost run deletation by CKR1

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Hi Expert,

I am facing problem while cost run deletation by CKR1. We have FG and below there are RM and SFG. We have maintained Percentage Overhead rate for C010 of Key "SAP".

We are able to delete the cost run for the material where the overhead key is not attached but for the material which has overhead key attached are not deletable for cost.

Even CKR1 is not executing for any log, generally, the output will be generated blank or with cost run details, but in this case no output is geenrating. system is executing and remain at front screen only.

Please help me how to delete cost run for material where overhead key is applied.


Pranav Dave

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You should pay special attention to delete standard cost.

If not, you will meet inconsistence problem.

Nevertheless, if you want to delete std cost for material  where the overhead key is not
attached ,
Refer to below procedure.

1.You get the materialswhere the overhead key is not attached using MBEW table.


2.You check whether MM documents related to materials which were fetched using procedure 1 were occurred.  If so, you shoud reverse MM document to avoid inconsistence problem.

3.You delete std cost using t-code CKR1.

4. You re-calculate and mark STD cost.

5. If you use material ledger,  before release std cost, you should change ML status into

   “Period Opened” using the program supplied by Note 574930.

   If you don’t use material ledger, you release std cost.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Dear Pranav

First of all I would say "NO" you should not do it. It is not a good practice and should be used only in unavoidable circumstances. Because there might  be several transactions which may have been passed using this price. So there is a chance of data inconsistency. But any ways if you don't have any options other than this then see below:

1     Check whether you have authorization for this transaction?

2     Check in the material master costing 2 tab where the price is available i.e. Previous, current or future, select that option in CKR1 and do it.

Rajneesh Saxena

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CKR1 will only delete the Material standard cost planned Standard Cost not the current standard price. In costing 2 tab you will see it will be deleted. however the current standard price will be there in Accounting view.

If you want to update the standard cost then either re run with new standards or update through MR21 after executing CKR1

For better understanding can you post the screenshot of CKR1 and what you expect to do along with screenshot of material master costing 2 tab.

Thank You