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cost object and cost center

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can any one please give me clear difference between COSTCENTER and COSTOBJECT with example.

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Costcentre is place where the cost is booked, the cost objective means its either Cost centre, Internal order, WBS element etc.,

Cost centre :

n organizational unit within a controlling are

epresents a defined location of cost incurrenc

he definition can be based on:

Functional requirements

Allocation criteria

Physical location

o Responsibility for costs

Part of a company seen as a separate area of

responsibility, location or cost-accounting entity.

Place at which costs occur.

Cost Objective :

Account 76500 requires an assignment to a CO object

Message no. KI235


You have not defined a CO account assignment for an account that is

relevant to cost accounting.

System Response

Account 76500 is defined as a cost element.

This means that you must always specify a CO account assignment.


Enter one of the following CO account assignmentsEnter one of the following CO account assignments

o Order

o Cost center / cost center/ activity type

o Sales order item (for a project or cost relevant)

o Project / WBS element

o Cost object (Process manufacturing)

o Network/ Network activities

o Business process

o Profitability segment

o Real estate object

The posting row affected is 002, account 76500.


Rama Mohan

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venket cost center is a place or location where ur company costs incurrs u alway assign cost center to ur revenue a/c because it is related to exp. and income that where u are using ur co. cost what asset ur purchasing and in how much it costs.

Cost object is the main component of controlling module which include cost center , internal order, PA, wbs Business process etc.

if systen asks for assign co object the this not only cost center but all included component.

hope this can be use ful

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Hi prem,

is there any relation for cost object and costelement.

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yes ,primary cost element is linked with gl a/c which at the time of posting data u if ur gl a/c has its cost element then ur data will passes from FI to CO.