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cost estimate for product and subcontracted

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Dear experts,

I have scenario where a material can produced in-house or subcontracted (Assy. subcontracting and not the operation). I have create test cases as follows.

1. BOM for in-house production with component as xyz.

2. Routing for in-house production

3. BOM for subcontracting with usage S and component abc

4. No routing for subcontracting

5. 2 production versions for in-house and assy. subconcracting in material master.

6. Info record for sub-contracting with operation price and prod. version in it.

7. Proc. type X with special proc. key 30. (No MRP running)

8. Maintained prod. version in costing view for costing as per requirement, either in-house or subcontracting.

9. Selection method in mrp 4 view = 2

Now when i try CK11N with production version subcontracting, system shows - BOM of subcon + in-house routing/operation cost + no subcon. operation cost. It should be as

subcon. bom + operaion cost from info-record.

Why this is happening.

Where as if use inhouse prod. version system gives - inhouse bom + routing + activity and which is ok.

I am stucked with Subcon. costing.

One thing to note is it is not operation subcontracting.

Please give your valuable input.



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Hi Manish,

Can you try by maintaining the special procurement for costing as 30 in material master.



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Dear Raghava,

Yes. I have tried the same as you suggested and assigned spl. proc. key 30 in costing 1 view.

Results as are follows -

Input for CK11N -

Material, plant and product version -subcon.

Output -

In quantity structure it shows, BOM usage and alternative of subcontracting + Routing of inhouse + routing cost