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Cost Estimate error is coming at the time of billing document release

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Dear All,

Hi, I am facing one problem that is whenever i am releasing the billing document system gives the error message.

Error : No standard cost estimate found for this material 164001001.

Here problem is some finished products we have a cost run and other finished materials we don't have a cost run. Other finished materials billing document release time we are facing the above error. There is no costing run for other finished materials. Here we have a CO-PA.

I have mainatined the costing key settings(ke40) in co-pa. In Ke40 t.code i have maintained the below settings.

1. I have selected transfer standard cost estimate radio button under determine material cost estimate.

2. Costing variant is 1010( This is our varaint)

3.Costing version is 01

4. Period indicator : Current standard cost estimate account to entry in material master.

I have maintained the above settings in ke40 t.code. Please suggest if any thing is wrong on above settings.

And also i have maintained costing key to material type assignments in ke4j t.code.

Here i maintained the three point of valuation (PV), One is real valuation, second is manual planning, third is automatic planning.

here i have assigned material type (fert) to costing key in costing key1 filed.

Please suggest if any thing wrong in the above settings. Still i am facing the same error at the time of billing document releasing time. Anybody please help to me. It is a very urgent to me.

Thanks & Regards,


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Answers (2)

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check the material is having released cost estimate

to avoide thist here is a exit avalable to allow only make production order only those material which cost released.

else it will give error at the very begining

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This is a common error when COPA is activated and when the Costing Key is assigned according to the Material type in KE4J.

When you need Cost estimation for few FGs and dont require for other FG, then you list out the materials for which you require SCE and then assign these list of materials to the costing key in KE4H(Costing key for Products) leaving out those which dont require.

But detail the requirement further to facilitate the solution.

Thanks & Regards,

Ravi Kumar