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Cost element in BOM

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Hi all,

i have a BOM of material XXXX with these characteristics:

Item - Item category - Material



In material N, if i double click on quantity, i see other tabs for this item position.

In one of this (PURCHASING) i have the field COST ELEMENT, in which there is automatically the cost element nnnnnnnn. This cost element is automatically transferred by table T030 ---> it simulates movements type 261 and the operation GBB/VBR.

I would like to know if there is the possibility to associate this cost element to another movement type. And if yes, how?

Thanks in advance...

Best regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Alba,

There is the possibility to associate this cost element to another movement type.

You can check your setting in OBYC.

Goto OBYC,Double click on GBB,Enter Charts of account,here you will find G/L account say nnnnnnnn

for combination of General modification VBR & Valuation class of material master which is maintained in BOM.

Goto FS00,Enter this G/L account,select change mode, then select edit cost element.You will see here that cost element nnnnnnnn which is assigned in BOM.

So if you assign this G/L account to any other Combination of General modification say VBO,AUA,AUF,BSA,VBO & Valuation class of material master then whenever you do any transaction you will get same cost elemnt get assign over there.

Offsetting entry for stock posting (GBB)

Offsetting entries for stock postings are used in Inventory Management. They are dependent on the account grouping to which each movement type is assigned. The following account groupings are

defined in the standard system:

VBO: for consumption from stock of material provided to vendor

AUA: for order settlement

AUF: for goods receipts for orders (without account assignment) and for order settlement if AUA is not maintained

AUI: Subsequent adjustment of actual price from cost center directly to material (with account assignment)

BSA: for initial entry of stock balances

INV: for expenditure/income from inventory differences

VAX: for goods issues for sales orders without account assignment object (the account is not a cost


VAY: for goods issues for sales orders with account assignment object (account is a cost element)

VBR: for internal goods issues (for example, for cost center)

Hope this help you.



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Hi, thanks for your answer.

I understand all the things that you said.

Probably I express me not very well..

But the heart of my problem is how to associate another movement type to BOM, so that, in the field "cost element" there will be another G/L account.

NOW: movement type 261, --> GBB/VBR --> cost element: G/L account "nnnnnnnn"

THEN (i would like) : movement type xxx ---> GBB/VBR ---> cost element "nnnnnnnn"

How can i change the link between field "cost element" in BOM and movement type?

Thanks in advance

Best regards


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