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Cost element 7000218 is not assigned to a cost component in CostCompStruct

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Dear All,

How to change the standard price in MR21 for materials with Price Determination Control 3 ( header level V & 3) (Split level S & 3)

In MR21, when I am updating the price for initial stock uploading.

It throws me a error Cost element 7000218 is not assigned to a cost component in CostComp Struct 01

Actually the cost component structure 01 is not active. we are using OP cost component structure & it is active , further the assigned to the company code level.

Cost element 7000218 is assigned to the cost component structure OP.

please suggest why it result in above error, even though we are not using cost component structure 01.



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Answers (3)

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Did you change the cost component structure assignment for the plant ?

This error could be produced due to the fact that for this plant the cost component struture was changed from 01

But ML tables makes reference to the old cost component structure.

You can check table CKMLKEV.

During the creation of the material the system creates data for the current, previous and last period of the last year (12 2010).

Therefore the system tries/ needs to create also a cost componet split for the period 12 2010. For this it must used the cost component structure for this period 12 2010 (maybe 01).

In such a case you have to define the cost element in '01' as well.

Please do read note 434873 carefully for the side effect and correct procedure to change cost component structure.



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In OKTZ - Remove the "Active" indicator for 01 Cost Comp Str

br, Ajay M

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Hi Ajay,

01 Cost component struc is not active.