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Cost difference between PM report MCI8 and IW38 orders cost

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Hi Experts!

I have an issue of cost difference between Plant Maintenance total actual cost of orders and Cost analysis report.

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Cost difference between PM report MCI8 and IW38 orders cost

Long Text

Applied SAP notes 180047 and 112841 for the following error:

Cost is not displaying in MCI8 for every 3 months intervals.

Now this problem has been resolved but got an another error like cost

difference between MCI8 report and IW38 order costs.

Note applied method:-

1). Configured FYV as Z1 with Period update for info structures S61 to

S65, S70, S114 to S116.

2). Regenerate order cost in Tcode OLI5.

3). PMIS: Statistical setup of info structures T.Code u2013 OLPM

For Info Structures which is changed in the configuration SO61-SO65,

SO70, S114-S116.

4). Copy info structures Version &( to Active version 000 T.Code u2013 OLIX,

Select Copy version

For all info Structure SO61-SO65, SO70, S114-S116.

*Steps for Reconstruction*

New another error like cost difference between MCI8 report and IW38

order costs.

Step 1. Transaction- MCI8, Order type - CORR, Period -01.2009 to

12.2009 and execute

Step 2. Drilldown the corrective maintenance order costs into period


Step 3. Transaction- IW38, Order type Corr, Period -01.2009 to 12.2009,

Currency - EUR and execute

Cost differences: E.g. Example A)


Total costs 8.041,69 5.544,99

  1. of WOs 18 18

So far my view is that, regardless of the selection criteria or the

output layout, predominantly the costs are different.

I would expect that they are equal. And what the right result are,..u2026Iu2019m

not sure.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Sometimes this difference comes because of the selection period which we are choosing.

Try to run IW38 once with the help of Basic start and basic finish dates of the order.

And after that with the help of the period with the same dates range.

You will get the difference also.

the reason is that whenever any Posting is done in the previous month PM order the system changes the basic start date and when you select the current period and execute IW38 it shows the whole cost incurred on the order including all previous cost.

But in MCI8 it does not happen because MCI8 is run through LIS structures. And in this report only the current month cost will be shown by the system.

I hope you got the idea about differences.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Make sure all the cost elements, where the cost are incurred, are associated to a value category(There should not be cost on the cost tab with BLANK value categories).

Make sure you have mapped all the value categories to the costkeyfig (SPRO > PM > Information systems > Assign Value category to Maintenance cost key figure).

If you have to adjust either of the above, regenerate the order cost using transaction OLI5.