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Cost components in CK13N

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How are the cost for Direct labor,FOH var cost, FOH fixed cost are arrived it for semi finished goods and how are the same rolled up to finished goods. I am need their understanding.


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Check the "Pass on lot size" kept as "NO" in Valuation variant.

T Code - OKKN - Quantity structure tab

Pass On Lot Size


If this indicator is selected, the system determines the costing lot size using the lot size of the highest material in the BOM and the input quantities of the components.


1) Do not pass on lot size

If this indicator is not selected, the materials further down in the structure are costed in accordance with the lot size in the costing view of the material master record. When the materials in the next-highest costing level are costed, the costing results of the semifinished materials are converted to the lot size of the finished material to calculate the material costs for the finished product.