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Cost Component break up for Sub-contracting cost in CK11N

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For the new business requirement, We've created new cost components,, and are able to view successfully in CK11N with origin group settings. Now, we want to break the sub contracting cost and see it spread across different cost components as maintained in Purchase info records, in other words, in the same way as other material cost. Since, standard SAP doesn't provide break up option of for subcontracting, we are trying to achieve it through development.

Now, we are able to see the sub contracting cost splitting across it's components in CK11N, however, in itemization view, it still goes to the same cost element.

Que- How do we break up sub-con.cost to its respective cost elements?



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Did you get solution for this?

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Hi Ajay,

Thanks for your reply.

We are already using cost component break up for External purchase items which are non-sub contracting with the origin group settings as you suggested.

But, we want to break up sub-con cost in the same way like other materials. In itemization view, it shows total cost of sub-contracting including all condition types maintained in PIR to the the same cost element. Whereas, we want to see it spread accross different cost elements per component.

I've three questions;

1) Is it becuase, we have maintained only one GL in FRL?

2) what is purpose of display cost elements in the itemization view? Is it trying to post to those cost elements upon mark up + release which I'm quite pessimist about?

3) Is it at all possible to achive through config. in OKTZ?



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Sub Con means There will be a BOM + Purchase info record for Sub Con Charges

The BOM Components would refer the cost elements maintained in GBB-VBR and the Sub Con charges refer to FRL key in OBYC

So the Itemization can offer you Cost elements in GBB-VBR + FRL.... This is what you can get from SAP

Apart from this, you can try to create Delivery conditions and assign them to separate Origin groups.... USing Org group, you can map them to separate cost components in OKTZ...... I never tried this for a Sub Con process... It works fine with External Purchase (F)

br, Ajay M