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Cost Centre and Internal Order- Urgent

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Scenario : Laptops purchased for a sales man, it will go to Sales cost centre and Maintail internal order for this asset.

If furniture purchased for office maintenance it will go to Administration Cost centre like this.

For Laptops i budgeted for 200000.So i am doing this through internal order.Please provide the steps and in which places i have to configure to do this from starting stage.

What are the steps followed for this scenario in detail. I need step wise.

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Answers (3)

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Have u created the IO as Real or statistical?

I would suggest u to go for real order a s laptop

If through MM u want to post i think 241 is the movement type to be used( i am not sure) with ANL is the transaction key


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Hello shree

When u have crated this Internal Oreder u must have created the ORDER TYPE within which the orders will be created

U have to create the settlement profile and budget profile for the ORDERT YPE

BUDGET profile u create in OKOB

maintin a budgt profile

past , future , value date ,totl value , annual value , exchange rate

activation type - 1

Controlling area currency @ save

Define the tollerance limit for availability control

Transaction group ++++++( masking)

mention budget profile

manage - 95 % or 90% ( up to management to set the tollerance)


Mention the budget profile in ORDER TYPE - KOT2

maintain the Budget for each Internal Order ( laptop) in KO22

specify the amount for the current period and save

When u post any entry through the FI posting and if cross the limit ( budget) it will give u an error message as ur crossing the tollerance limit

Hope it will clear ur doubt

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• Activate order management in CO area

o Select & left

 Activate components / control indicators

 Assignment of co codes

• Order master data

o Define order types

 Order cat 01 internal order[CO] screen 

• Order type UD [MKTG]

• Settlement profile 20 internal

• Plan profile - general

• Functional area [like SD,MM etc] 

• Business area [for consolidation]

• Archiving time 3 months [removes data from actual DB & stores offline for better space management]

• Co partner active will produce a total record 

• Status profile : Release status will allow posting to cost center [no need to release later on]

• Order layout 0030

• Print form 

• Save [no range not maintained error message is OK]

 Maintain no ranges for orders [the following applies to No ranges for settlements also]

• Click groups [top button - maintain]

• The internal order created earlier is unassigned

o Position cursor on I/o

o Click on top button right [select]

o Position cursor on target group [prodn]

o Click on top center button [element group]

• The unassigned I/o will be assigned

• IMG/CO/IO/ActualPostings/Settlement

o Maintain no ranges for settlement documents

o Maintain settlement cost elements

 Create primary settlement cost element

 Change Primary/Secondary settlement cost element

 Create secondary settlement cost element  screens

• Basic data

o C Ele Cat 21 Settlement

o Default AcAssign Cost Ctr HPCLCOSTS

 Maintain allocation structures VA

• Assignments [select VA & click assignments]

o Source 400000 – 650300

o Assessment cost elements SETUP

o Settlement cost elements

 Receiver category CostCtr

 By cost element  [leave blank]

 Settlement cost element IORCOELE [IO cost ele][secondary cost element defined above]

 Maintain source structure

• Select & top left

o Assignments - select & left

o Source [new entry]

o Cost element from to [group leave blank]

• SAP/Ac/CO/IO/Master Data/Special Functions/Order

o KO01 create

 Co code BPCL plant BPPL

 Obj class overhead

 Release [right button][will not come if release immediately selected earlier]

 Settlement rule [top][w/out which IO will not work]

• Cost CTR, Receiver DIRPRCOST, %age -

• From 1/2003 to 4/2003 etc

 Top header Goto settlement params [F8]

• Allocation structures VA

• PA trf structure [profitability analysis][FI - Direct a/c assig FI/MM]

• Save - [order no created]

• IO/Planning/Cost & Activity Inputs

o KPF6 change [use form based]

o Enter plan data & save

o Enter actual values F-02 & GL item fast entry [top butt] for I/Orders. Mention I/o for all 40, but not for 50.

o Clear tax probs if any, bank value date, enter text etc.

o Save document

o S_ALR_87012993 to view

• SAP/Ac/CO/PE Closing/SingleFunction/Settlement

o KO88 settlement

o IO no last created comes up by default

o Enter settlement period [004 for 4] and posting period as relevant.

o  [F8]

o View cost center comparision - S_ALR_87013611 [as after settlement, amount must go to C Ctr].

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I need specifically for assets.I created internal orders for all Expenses.I need details while posting Assets through Purchase order it has to capture in respective cost centre.

Eg: in case of laptop purchased for a salesmen it will go to sales cost centre.

In whcich places i have to configure for assets and in internal order to reflect in cost centre.