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cost centers transportation

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Here is a small clarification regarding Cost Centers when i create cost centers the request is not displaying only the at the status line cost center saved message is comming.

Where it is storing how i should transport to quality or some thing..

pls advice me ..



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Answers (3)

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You can transport all CO Master Data including reports etc.

in the IMG follow the menu path:

Controlling->General Controlling->Production Start-Up Preparation->Transport System Settings->Transport Settings for Master Data

You have to specify Controlling area and Chart of accounts

Normally Master data is sort of static data (that means that it is a changing dynamically unlike GL accounts which is more stable) and unless your project methodology is to create these first in your development system first then transport.

I personally would do this once bulk of master data has been created and transport <b>once</b> only to to a client since the transport will first delete an entry and try to create again, may have issues with this.

Sometimes you will be forced to create this type of data (cost centers, profit centers, activity types etc) in the Configuration client if you need to make settings in OKB9 or 3KEH etc.

Hope this helps


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Hello Sudhan

master data is not created in Cofiguration client

It is either uploaded through LSMW or any other method or directly created in Production client ot testintg/training( quality) client

Even though u r creatin it has no use

As u r not going to use it any where in configuration client , the TR will not be generated like others



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It is master data you don't need to transport it infact you have to create the cost center in quality or develeopment or production.



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Hi Meena,

Thanks alot for ur responce