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Cost Center Groups - KSH1 and OKEON

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I created several cost center groups in KSH1.

They do not appear in OKEON.

I tried to add them in OKEON under the higher-level hierarchy node. When I try to add them, I get an error message telling me the cost center group already exists. Yes, it exists in KSH1, but NOT in OKEON.

So I am stuck. I cannot add a cost center to the new cost center group in KS01 unless the group appears in OKEON. But SAP is not allowing me to add it to OKEON since it "already exists" in KSH1.

How do I resolve this? I am not able to delete data from KSH.

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With regard to cost center groups, it is necessary to distinguish between the standard hierarchy and the groups within it and "ordinary" groups.

The creation of groups used in the standard hierarchy is done through OKOEN and the rest through KSH1/KSH2.

In principle, you can also change the standard hierarchy through KSH2. In your case, you go to KSH2, select the entire standard hierarchy and add created ones.

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Thank you for your response. But how do I add the groups to OKEON? Why is it telling me they exist already when they are NOT in OKEON?

Do I need to somehow delete them from KSH? That will be a massive hassle to receive approval since in my company we do not delete financial master data.