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Cost center assesment into COPA for distribution costs Account-based COPA

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We are implementing SAP S4 1709 with Account-Based COPA only. We have come up with a challenge with cost center assesment to COPA, for distribution costs (delivery, storage, handling and administration for moving goods between plants and to the final customer). In our other SAP systems (ECC6.0) we use costing-based COPA record types H (statistical key figures) for distribution of costs per customer and product and then use those records as "allocation basis" for cost center assesment to COPA.

Account-based COPA only provides limited receiving tracing factors, as shown in the list below. Since SAP S4Hana Account-Based COPA does not provide record type H, how would you implement a similar solution?

  • Total Quantity
  • Alternative Quantities 1,2,3
  • Fixed Cost
  • Total Cost.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Cesar

We are using Account based COPA.

We are using different plan version to allocate the cost to customer. Upload the plan data in your plan version and take that as reference base.



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Hi Cesar

If your basis of allocation is say, sales qty, it is captured in the sales GL account

But if it is something else, one way I see use 2 different Cost elements and post a dummy entry in them capturing the required quantities in the FB01 posting

You can then use any one of these cost Elements as SKF