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Correspondence Error - Application Form not found

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I am working on several Correspondences. Each of them calls a Smartform when a certain activity is triggered and then the Smartform is sent as inline text to an external email address.

I have not worked with correspondences before and as such, I am testing the triggers.

One of the activities is to book a course for an employee. I have created a very simple Smartform using the print workbench, with just a main window and 1 line of static text.

Then I have properly added it to the Register Application forms section of the correspondence type, for a specific correspondence type (the one that works with booking a course.)

However, when processing the request from the Worklist, I get the following error: “Application form could not be found” – This message doesn’t make any sense.

Please help.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi John,

I think you must have created the smart forms and made the IMG configuration in customizing client.

You have to import the smart form into the working client for the correspondence to work properly.

import the smart forms using the transaction sfp or the corresponding IMG activity, then test it again.

It will work.



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I created it in our development client and am testing correspondences in out testing client. Smartforms are client independent and as such, shop up in both clients.

I'll check again and see what I can do. Please provide additional assistance if possible.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi John

Which version of SAP you are working on? If you are 4.7 or 4.6 C, smart form wont work in this transaction OOVM ( correspondence. ) This transaction support SAP Script based forms. So convert these forms to SAP Script and then place them infront of the corresponding event.

Usually smartforms are not supported by this transaction. Myself is a big fan of smartforms, I created some for this transaction and it was not working then replaced them with Script based forms and it was working fine after that.

Reward points, if helpful.

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I am working in ECC 6.0 on Smartforms.

The following instructions work:

1. Create the Smart form in the development client, via Transaction EFRM – Assign to the proper Form Class

2. Build the Smart form, with the proper static text & dynamic text variables (field list on)

3. Go into the testing/customization client and create a Smart Form of the same name, via Transaction EFRM

4. Activate the Smart Form from the Hierarchy.

5. IMG (SPRO) – Register the Form

That works. Thank you for the help.