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correction delivery , JIT delivery& forecast delivery ?

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hai all,

can any one tell me what does these terms mean

1. correction delivery

2. JIT delivery.

3. forecast delivery.

we use all these in customising for scheduling aggrements with deliver scheduling ,order type is BL.

kindly help on these issues,

its urgent.

relevant answers will be rewarded with full points.

thank you


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Sriram,

<b>Correction Delivery:</b>


You correct cumulative quantities in scheduling agreements:

  • In case of returns

  • When there has been a processing error

  • When there has been a year change

  • When you are transferring initial quantities from a legacy system into the SAP System

To do this, you create a correction delivery within the delivery schedule itself. This delivery is not relevant for requirements planning, shipping, goods issue, or billing.

Correct cumulative quantities only when the customer has not posted goods receipt.


To create a correction delivery (document type LFKO):

1. Choose Corr. delivery on the delivery scheduletabstrip.

The system displays a dialog box in which you enter a:

- Correction delivery date

For help on deciding where you want to position the correction delivery, choose Display. The system lists delivery dates in chronological order.

- Correction quantity

Enter a negative correction quantity by placing a minus sign after the quantity.

2. Choose Enter and save the scheduling agreement.

<b>Forecast Delivery Schedule:</b>

For an SD scheduling agreement, a customer sends a forecast delivery schedule containing requests for individual schedule lines. On the SD side, a delivery can be created automatically from this.


A scheduling agreement exists for both MM and SD. Read the corresponding sub-scenarios for more details.

Process flow


On the MM side, create the forecast delivery schedule or the JIT delivery schedule and send the schedule to the vendor via EDI using Message Control.


On the SD side, the forecast delivery schedule is posted automatically. If the forecast delivery schedule is marked as being relevant for materials planning, the released schedule lines are effective for materials planning. In the same way, the forecast delivery schedule can also be marked as being relevant for shipping.

<b>JIT Delivery:</b>

Visit the following link:

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hai naveen ,

thank u for ur reply,

if u have additional info about complete config about schedulling aggrements,

kindly send it to me.

points given.



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Dear Sriram,

Do the config steps under SPRO -> Sales and Distribution -> Sales -> Scheduling Agreements with Delivery Schedules

For example:

SPRO -> Sales and Distribution -> Sales -> Scheduling Agreements with Delivery Schedules -> Define Schedule Line Types

In this step, you define schedule line types for scheduling agreements.

Default settings

The following schedule line types have been preset in the standard system:

  • 1 = Normal schedule line / fixed date

  • 2 = backlog

  • 3 = immediate requirement

  • 4 = forecast delivery schedule

  • 9 = JIT delivery schedule

To define new schedule line types for scheduling agreements, enter an alphanumeric key with a maximum of one character, and a textual description.

Smartform for Scheduling Agreement:

Output Type LP00 (Scheduling Agreement)

Transaction Code V/G7

Smartform Program /SMB40/RVADOR01

Smartform /SMB40/SDSDA_L /SMB40/SDSDA_A

SPRO -> Material management -> Purchasing -> Scheduling agreement -> Maint. Rel. creation profile for schedule agreement w. rel. documentation

Please check below link for sap help documentation for creating creation profile.

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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hello Sriram,

<b>Correction delivery</b>

The delivery type for correction deliveries used to correct deviations in cumulative quantities

<b>Forecast Delivery</b>

Instrument used by a customer to inform a vendor which quantities of a material are to be delivered against a scheduling agreement at which time.

The forecast delivery schedule provides the vendor with longer-term information. This information generally relates to weekly or monthly periods.

<b>Just in Time(JIT)</b>

Means of requesting a material from production, from a vendor. The JIT call is linked to a scheduling agreement. With this scheduling agreement you have, as a rule, transmitted a forecast to the vendor from material requirements planning (forecast delivery schedule). In the customer's system the JIT calls are stored, administered and sent separately from the forecast delivery schedules. For the vendor, the JIT calls contain all the information relevant for delivery.

There are two different kinds of JIT call: summarized JIT calls and sequenced JIT calls.

A means of forecasting requirements forcast, to the day. Parts can be called from the vendor on a daily basis. The JIT delivery schedule allows more detailed planning than the forecast delivery schedule, and is relevant for delivery. Whereas a forecast delivery schedule simply states a quantity, a JIT delivery schedule represents an order, which should then be delivered.

The JIT delivery schedule is created in the MRP run. Pegged requirements are dependent requirements and reservations

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hai anil ,

thanks for the reply , iam presently working on scheduling aggrements project,

kindly send me if u have information on scheduling aggrements.

i would be of a great use.

thank you.