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Correct G/L posting required at the time of Off-cycle payroll run

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My client wants both to be happened. First, all the individual payable G/Ls ( Bonus payable, LTI payable, Medical payables etc) to be credited to a single G/L Salary payable. At the same time, these individual payables should also be credited to respective individual payable G/Ls( Newly created by the user). This scenario is with respect to off cycle as well as regular payroll run.

Pl correct the GL instead of GL No.

Salary payable 30302620

Bonus payable 30302640

LTA payable 30302621

Medical Payable 30302622

Leave payable 20501030

Reward payable 30302623

As mentioned above currently all the different payable GL posting are getting posted to Salary payable 30302620. Please do the necessary changes to make it post to the above mentioned individual GLs.

Thanks & regards,

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