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Copying the old record fiels value to a new record

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I am trying to get a field value from IT0001 old record to a new

record as part of Position Change Action. In the Infogroup, I

have "INSS" for the IT0001 so that it creates a new record with

new Payroll Area, as required. Also this is a required field as

the users would enter the value as part of action. I have given

the code as below as I need SACHP field to bring the value from

previous IT0001 record:

0000 00 01 P P0000-MASSN='A4'


0000 00 05 W PSAVE-SACHP=P0001-SACHP

I am not able to get the desired value in the field and on saving

IT0000, this field is coming-up as blank in IT0001.

Am I missing something here? I tried doing with an 'I' Statement also but no use!

Any help is appreciated!

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Answers (3)

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@ SAP_HRfuncional,

As <b>Manoj</b> said, you have to use enhancement <b>PBAS0001</b>; within <b>EXIT_SAPFP50M_001</b> write the following code:


data i0001 like p0001.
data v_sachp like sachp.

   ipsyst-ioper EQ 'INS' AND " Creating infotype
   innnn-infty = '0001'  AND " Infotype 0001
   sy-tcode = 'PA40'     AND " You are in PA40
   ipsyst-massn = 'A4'.      " You are in A4 action
"  Add the molga condition if necessary

"  Get SACHP   
   FROM PA0001
   INTO v_sachp
   WHERE PERNR EQ innnn-pernr 
     AND BEGDA <= innnn-begda "or sy-datum?
     AND ENDDA >= innnn-begda "or sy-datum?.
   if sy-subrc eq 0.
      MOVE innnn TO i0001.
      MOVE v_sachp to i0001-sachp.
      MOVE i0001 TO innnn.


Really hope that helps,

Let us know if you could solve your issue,


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Thanks, Manoj and Christian.. So, do we need to go the ABAPer/Developer for this user exit? Can't we do without any customization or going to the ABAPer?

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@ SAP_HRfunciontal,

As far as I know you wont be able to achieve it by customizing, so I think that yes you have to go to your abaper, just tell him/her to copy paste the above snippet of code in the user exit.

Let me know if you could solve it



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try the following:

<b>0000 00 05 W P0001-SACHP=PSAVE-SACHP</b>

instead of

0000 00 05 W PSAVE-SACHP=P0001-SACHP



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I am still not able to copy the field value from old record to new record during the position change action! Am I supposed to have an "I" statement also?

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Hi ,

try to use the enhancement - PBAS0001 .

Pass the default value in Exit -EXIT_SAPFP50M_001 or EXIT_SAPFP50M_002 .



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Ask your abaper to write a badi/Exit for that if you want to default value

when in PA40 action.

reward point if helpful