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Copying text from CMIR (KNMT) to the Sales Order Line Item

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We need to copy text from the CMIR (KNMT) to the Sales Order Line Item with two steps in the access sequence. First to look up by the Ship to Partner Function. If doesn't exist, then look up by Sold to Partner Function. Have setup a new text id (ZPRN), a new access seq (9011). The access seq has one seq =5 for KNMT, ZPRN, all languages and that saves fine. When I set the Partner Function to be SH. I get the following error msg:

"The Language does not come from the partner function AG for MVKE".

Any ideas? This access seq does not reference MVKE. It only references KNMT.


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Hi Lisa,

Just stumbled on this post, as I am searching for something similar.

What you are attempting to do isn't possible in config.

This is because as standard Customer Material Info Records are not even considered for ship-to party in the sales order.

They work for sold-to only.

Therefore, this funny error message is SAP's way of saying, "Why are you trying to enter a partner here, because the data is determined for sold to only?"

You can change this with development for other fields (ie, to determine delivery plant, tolerances etc at ship-to) by using

the exit MV45AFZB with the USEREXIT_CUST_MATERIAL_READ form.

However, even if you do this, Text Determination is still sold-to only and still doesn't behave.

I am currently looking myself for a solution for this problem and I will let you know what I find.