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Copying PO price in to Quotation

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Hi Gurus,

Here is our client's requirement

We create a QT with item category ZTAS, which will trigger PR. PO will be created based on the PR - RFQ. We want to copy the price in PO back into Quotation as cost of the Material. And we do mark up on the cost and sell to Customer. Then we copy the QT into SO and do the regular process from there onwards.

Our challenge is how to capture PO price in to QT.

Any suggestion in this regard will be highly appreciated.

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Answers (2)

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You could have searched the forum before posting as similar requirement was answered before. For example check this link


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Shiva Ram,

Read my posting fully. The posting you have refernece is for copying the PO price in to Billing where you have more options as the billing document is created subsequently. In my case I want the price of PO to be copied back in to QT, where I have limited options.

Thanks for the suggestion any way

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Dear Baakibaabu,

As per my knowledge you should go for enhancement for the requirement.

Get the PO no and pass that no into SE16N, EKKO - EBELN table and get the KNUMV value.

Pass this KNUMV value into KONV - KNUMV there you can get item wise price

for total condition value get the value KONV - KWERT pass the same value for your quotation condition value.

Check and revert



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Hi Ram,

Thanks for the suggestion. I will try it and get back to you with my results

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Use an alternate calculation routine in your pricing procedure.

Now this will be against Z condition or VPRS.

The logic will be to take the last PO price from EKPO for the specific material. Or also you can take info record too for this.

As when the PO is created the new price is updated in info record.

Based on this you will get the cost of the material and then make condition record of discount & surchare with % type.

This condition type will use cost condition as base value.

I hope this will help you.

Kindly reward if helpful

Thanks & Regards