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copying control from billing doc to sales Order

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Dear SAOians

I facing one problem. i have created a Billing document with milestone(TAO) and in the Invoice the Amount is different say 1000 and the net value is different 100. since this is a milestone and iam billing the first milestone. so system will show this difference. this is very much clear.

Now when iam creating the credit memeo Request with Reference to Billing document system copies the amount as 1000 and net value as 100. but iam creating the credit memo request for the first milestone. so it should take both amount and net value as 100.

is there any way to resolve this issue



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can make use of data transfer routines in copy control from billing document to sales document.

Data transfer routine - 403 (FV45C403) is used for copying billing plan dates from from a reference billing document into the target document. This routine can be assigned to the FPLA copy rules for the item category from a billing document to a sales document.

You may enhance this routine to add net value field to be copied into credit memo document. In your case, net amount (100) can be pulled from invoice into credit memo document.



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