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copying a print layout template from one database to another database

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I created default user defined template for an AR invoice which is fine,I export this template to xml file.

My question is,

1.How to copy template which is in xml format from one database to

another database using <b>Copy express</b> ?

With regards,


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As i want to try out this option which is simple,

How to copy a user defined print template which is in XML format

from one database to another database using <b>copy express</b>?

<b>This question is urgent</b>.

Expecting y'r reply.

With regards,


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Hi Heyakanthan,

Fisrt of all, you <b>can't</b> expect <b>anyone</b> to reply, we are all volunteers. The only ones that you can expect to reply, and the only ones that need to help you with <b>urgent</b> questions are SAP support.

You can find support here: <a href=""></a>

Now you hopefully understand that each question asked here is equally urgent, and will be treated that way...

So, your problem, you have exported a template from a database in what kind of way? Using the copy express and saved it? Used a <i>.SaveFile();</i> function on a PLD document in code? (if yes, which ImportExport mode did you use?)

Take a look at the thread Eddy provided you, or just copy it with the copy express tool directly. It's the easiest way. And, if your s0lution was simple, as you suggested, you wouldn't asked the question, right?

Otherwise, you can use this code to try import it into your database. (You have to create a addon)

<b>Code (C#):</b>

// Create a XML file
XmlDocument oXmlDoc = new XmlDocument();

// Try to add it into SB1
string sXML = oXmlDoc.InnerXml;
SBO_Application.LoadBatchActions(ref sPath);

Hope this helps,