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Copy SBO Objects

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Hi everyone.

I have an problem with copy objects .

For example if I want to create 10 users of Business One.

I have one well defined , which I call UserModel.

After that I would want to have a possibility to coppy ALL

properties of this UserModel in other new objects and add to SBO. So in this way I will have the exact copy of UserModel user in 10 User objects, only difference will , surelly, login, and other. But for example permissions will remain the same.

So for example , for installation of Sap Business One in company with 20 pc, I can create 20 users with same permissions and not setting in front of PC hours for configuring one for one.

Did anyone met the similiar problem in expirience ? And if yes , how it was resolved. ?

Thank you very much.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Well, for a start, in the authorizations window you can drag and drop one user name onto another to copy all of the authorizations for one user to another.

Did this help?


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Many thanks realy, I did'n know about this possibiliy.

But however,is there any method to make the same thing from DI API ?


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