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Copy Pricing COnditions from Shipment Cost do to Purchase Order

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How can I copy all freight conditions on shipment cost document to the Purchase order created.

e.g. In shipment cost document a\I have following pricing conditions.

ZFRT - Freight - $250.00

ZFCL-Fuel Chrg - $25

ZCLN-Cleaning Chrg - $30

Total = $305 on shipment cost

When Purchase order is generated automatically.

I want same conditions on Purchase order instead of gross amt PB00 of $305.

How can we copy conditions from Shipment cost doc to the Purchase order??

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Have you resolve this issue?

I have the same but cannot find way to do

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First of all I don't think that it is possible in the standard system. SAP only transfers the total cost of shipment to MM as you already found out.

Actually, if I remember well, the cost condition is transfered to a service entry sheet assigned to the purchase order item for the service agent.

From SAP help

  • Purchase Order Determination
  • Transfer and creation of the relevant documents in FI
Transferring Shipment Costs to Accounting ... Transferring of shipment costs in order to create accruals comprises two functions: Procedure 1. In the shipment cost document, go to the detail screen of a shipment cost item, for which costing and account assignment has already been carried out and which you want to transfer to FI. 2. Select the Transfer indicator. ... 3. Save the shipment cost document. When you save, the system creates a service entry sheet with reference to the purchase order determined, an accounting document for creation of accruals and further documents in FI.

IMHO it is good enough to transfer the total cost of shipment. It is the amount needed for accrual, and used afterwards for logistics invoice verification based on the automatically generated service entry sheet.

Why do you want more details in MM if you already have the detailed data in the Shipment cost document?

It is not the answer you want, but I hope it helps anyway.

Best Regards,

Franck Lumpe

Freelance SAP Consultant

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I have tried reference conditions on this, but it does not work either. It is needed condition types to be transferred exactly the same from shipment cost document because at the moment of invoice verification I have the following scenario:

Condition types:

ZFRF: Freight 2000

ZNLV: Washes: 1000

ZFSR: Fuel: 20

FT00: Tax: 5

At the moment of invoice verification only freight is subject to withholding, not all the values from other condition types.

There are several business scenarios that require condition type transferring, I believe SAP has not enough attention on this, so if there is an expert who can help, please do it.