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Copy Infotype : T582A-CPRFN Query

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Hello Gurus,

We have the new infotype framework activated to run the ESS. According to the note 783499 the indicator CCURE/PC_UI ("PC UI Main Switch") is activated in our landscape. We do have one employee present multiple ( expat scenarios ) times in the system using HRP1001 relation ship CP to P. The following switches are not activated. Based on below inactive switches , I can conclude that concurrent employment is not active.


As per SAP documentation, The existing copy mechanism (that is activated in table V_T582A) is not compatible with the new framework. If an infotype is processed using the new framework, this copy mechanism cannot be activated. & hence recently we ran the report "RPUFACECPRFN" which has removed the T582A-CPRFN entry & new entries are created in T582G table with entry XMOL.

We are not able to display ( runtime error ) few of the infotype via PA20 such as 0021 for Thailand employees since few secondary infotype ( 0187 ) records are missing. We never faced runtime error before running the RPUFACECPRFN. Even the switch CCURE/PC_UI was active, we were able to see the infotype 0021 records for Thailand employees. Do I have to create all missing secondary infotype records ?

Now my question are

  1. What is new copy mechanism ? Is new copy mechanism going to work only when concurrent employment is active ? I mean if switch CCURE MAINS,CCURE GLEMP,CCURE GLOPY are active ?
  2. Is new copy mechanism going to work even if only CCURE/PC_UI  is active ? When new copy mechanism gets triggered ? is it during PA30 infotype creation /copy ?
  3. Are "Data Sharing" & "new copy mechanism"  same ?
  4. Is "Data Sharing" available only in concurrent employment ?


Sagar Sontakke

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can read note

1447867 for more information read here even though you are not using concurrent employement you need to use NEw Infotype framework as ESS/WDA/MSS etc uses new ITF, ie set the switch data sharing enables employee masterdata shared across all linked reference personnel numbers regardless of concurrent or global The additonal entries in T582G are created by report RPUFACECPRFN which creates entries in T582G with grouping reason XMOL for those infotypes with flag CPRFN = 'X' ("Infotype copied from reference personnel number") in table T582A. This is to replace the old copy mechanism (T582A-CPRFN)with a more flexible approach (T582G).

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