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copy history as the forecast result

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Hi Experts,

Has anyone ever use the forecast model that copying the past 12 months history as the future period forecast result in PP forecast model?

I know this function is availbale in APO DP, But I want to use this function in R3 not in APO.

thank you in advance!

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Answers (4)

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Hi, here is the steps by step procedure to create SOP flexible plan along

with trasaction codes. Let me know if you have further problems

S&OP Flexible Planning Checklist

Step #



Create Field Catalogue MC18


Create Info Structure MC21


Create Update Rules for Characteristics and Key Figures MC24


Activate Update Rules OMOZ


Testing (Use Sales Order, Purchase Order, Material etc.) to test data



Set Parameters for Info Structures MC7f


Create Planning Type for Info Structure Planning Table MC8A


Generate Master Data and generate proportional factors MC9A


Create Planning Hierarchy MC63


Create Forecast Profile MC96


Create Planning Activity MC8T


Setup Mass Processing Job to generate forecast MC8D then MC8G


Maintain all Material Master records with unit of measure conversions

so that the planning table can aggregate materials into a common unit of

measure. MM02


Apply OSS patch program that enables visibility of all nine hierarchy

planning levels in planning table. (Check version 4.5 and prior)


Set up program to collect Historical transaction information (Need

Custom ABAP program to populate the SOP table with historical data)


Run Monthly Sales Forecast MC8D


Transfer to COPA (if applicable)


Run COPA Analysis


Transfer forecast to Demand Management MC94 (Extra Menu -> Transfer to



Demand Management receive the updated Sales Forecast quantities MD61


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In my case, I uploaded historical data into the actual version (000) of custom defined info-structure table using ABAP program, but the result was little bit different from what I expected. When I triggered forecast menu from the planning table, The system didn't recognize any historical data I uploaded.

Is there anyone who uploaded historical data and ran the forecast model based on uploaded data before?

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Hi Jayakandan ,

could you tell me the exact procedure for this requirement?

thank you inadvance!

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First thank you for your information!

yes you are right, I want to copy the past actual demand into the future forecast result.

but in our case I do not use the flexible planning, I let the system creates forecast, then I will copy these forecast into planned independent requirements, so I want to know whether there is an existing forecast model in R3?

actually in MM02, you execute the forecast for material, you can see there is an copy history selection, but it is greened and can not be used, do you know how to actiavte this function ?

by the way my SAP version 4.7 .


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In SAP there is no standard forecast model for your requirement.

If you intend to use flexible planning, then your requirment can be automated completely.

If thats ok, please let me know, I will tell you the procedure



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Please find below the procedure to copy the last year's demand.

1. Create a new info strucutre.

2. Copy the last years demand to this new infostructure - by means of a program or use LIS copy management (MCSZ)

3. The above data should be copied to the new infostructure under version 000.

4. Create a planning type with the a planning line for the keyfigure where you want the forecast to be stored.

5. Add an additional field in the planning type by using the icon"Actual data prev year"

6. Now a new line would appear as display field in your planning type for the prev year's data

7. Create a macro to copy the new line contents to the field which you have added for the forecast to be stored. Save your planning type.

8. Now navigate to transaction MC94 for the planning version A00.

9. You would be able to see the last year's forecast displayed in the planning type.

10. Execute the macro---> this would copy the forecast which is displayed to the planning line.

11. Save your plan

12. This plan can be transferred to demand management using MC90 or by using a mass processing job.

If you want the above to be carried out in bacground automatically, create a mass processing job for executing this macro.

My explanation above is at very high level assuming that you are familiar with the following functions.

1. Creating LIS

2. Creating Planning types and macros

3. Creating mass processing jobs

4. Familiar in using LIS copy management (MCSZ)

I hope the above solves your purpose.

Feel free to write if you have further questions



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Are you looking at exactly same demand for every current period as same as the previous year?

If yes, then you can achieve this in Flexible Planning using a macro. You need to create a seperate Infostructure for this purpose.

Please explain your requriement a little in detail.