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Copy Express?

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Hey folks, this is a simple question.

I'm new to using Copy Express add-on.

When I am in the Data Categories view, every checkbox is selected by default. If I want to export/import just one PLD report, would I uncheck everything and just check that one PLD?

Thanks, told you it was simple.


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Hi Mike,

You might be better off posting this question in the SBO Application forum. I'm pretty sure you only need to select the one report you want to transfer. If you double-click the column header then it should untick all the reports (much easier if you have a lot of reports) and then you can tick just the one you want.

Please note, there have been issues with copying PLD layouts using Copy Express. One thing we found is that it can sometimes change the background colour of fields to black (something to do with having no value in the originating database for this property which Copy Express interprets as black). Therefore, you need to test the layout in the destination database after copying it, just to be sure it is working as expected.

Kind Regards,


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Thanks Owen, it was just one of those questions I had to ask. Thanks for the additional information!