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copy express installation failed

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I am using Sapb12005b patch 20.

I installed Server tools in Server machaine and i install Client tools in client machaine.

now i want to install copy express addon.

while i am trying from client machaine, addon is connecting but it shwoing one Message "Set-Up failed to install" and "can not start addon" error is comming

plz help me asap



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Here what I find in the SAP Portal as comparison to you :

Add-On initialization fails.


Theinitialization process of an Add-On is not successfull.

The systemmessage "Set-up function of extension failed" appears.

Thishappenswhen one or more Add-Ons are alreadyconnected and a new

installed Add-On isinitialized.The installation process of the

concerning Add-on works trouble-free.

The log file shows following information:

- Failed to create table 'XXXX': Ref count for thisobjectis higher

then 0.

- Error: Error create/update database.

- DB create failed. See previous log messages for details.

Other terms

Add-On; Addon;SBO; B1; SB1; BusinessOne; Business One; Business; One;

initialization;initialisation; installation; install; set-up; setup;

function;extension failed; add-on manager; addonmanager;

add-onadministration; addon administration; failed; create table;

Error create/update database; DB create failed;

Reason and Prerequisites

This problem iscausedby running Add-Onsthatuse a pointer to a record

set object. As long as this pointer exists, no user tables can be added

to the database.


Stop all connected SAP Add-Ons:

- Administration->Add-ons->Add-on manager

- Select each connected Add-on and push the stop button

Then select thethefirst new installed Add-On, start it and wait until

initializationis completed.Then stop it, start the next new installed

Add-On and initializethat one. Repeat these steps until all new Add-Ons

are initialized. Finally start all Add-Ons that you want to work with.

Good luck


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