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Copy data to another Company

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I'm running one company in SBO. Now created another company and want to import Chart of Accounts, Business Partners, Items and Warehouse master data into the new company from the old company.

How can I do so?



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Hi Sibasish,

There're several suggestions for using Copy Exress or it will fail.

1. create a new DB with the following checkboxes checked

Copy user-defined fields and tables

Copy user-defined objects

2. copy one Data Category at one time.

Data Categories sequence is based on a logical data transfer and DB

modification structure. It's recommended to copy part by part, instead

of all of them. In this case, we can also narrow down which category

goes wrong.

3. use 'Leave existing and add new' instead of 'replace all' as Copy


4. In Authorizations->Data Details->Uncheck all users that're with

Superuser authorization before copy. (this is important)

It's because Superusers have full authorizations by default and it can't

be changed. It's very likely to fail the copy process.

Please try the suggestions and keep me posted with the progress.

In addition, we have Expert Empowerment Session (EES) on this topic. You

can find it at channel partner portal-> Archive: Empowerment

Sessions->17.01.2007 - CopyExpress.

Hope it helps.


Jacqueline Jiang

SAP Business One Forums Team