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Copy Controls

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CR for the tickets is assigned me. Can anyone help me to get the config change and process to transport


HD0000006682111 - allow ZCR to be created with reference to ZL2

Billing type ZL2 to sales doc type ZCR 

ZL2N          Debit Memo (item category)

ZLFR          Debit Memo Free (item category)

HD0000006677712 - There is no copy control setup between Consignment Issue invoice and credit / return documents

Billing type ZF2 to sales doc type ZRE  -

ZKEN          Consignment Issue (item category)

Billing type ZF2 to sales doc type ZCR  -

ZKEN          Consignment Issue (item category)

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Hi Khan,

Please search Copying Control in SD SAP in Google ,You can get so many threads based on this Topic.

1. VTAA- Sales Document to Sales Docuemnt

2. VTAF-Biiling Document to Sales Docuemnt

3. VTFA-Sales Docuemnt to Billing

4. VTLA-Sales Docuemnt to Delivery

Good Logic b/w this is A -for Sales Docuemnt,L-Delivery Document and F-for Billing Document.

If you have any doubts please let me know.



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Billing to Order copy controls can be set in transaction : VTAF.

Please copy the SAP standard copy control and change the billing type, slaes document type and item categories accordingly.



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Thanks Raju..If you don't mind can you plz explain me into steps...

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ZL2 to ZCR Copy control

Select F2 to CR copy control


It will show you F2 and CR

Change those as ZL2 and ZCR

It will ask you, whether to copy only the entry or withl dependent entries

Select : copy with dependeed entries

now you will find the copy control entry from ZL2 to ZCR

Select that and double click on item categories

It will show all the item categories existing in the source entry (F2 to CR)

If these entries are OK, retain the same,

If youw ant to add your own item categories

copy the item category

and change the name

Hoep this helps.