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copy controls

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goodmorning Gurus:

what are copy controls...

what are Tcodes to maintain copy controls for docs and other copy controls?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Friend

Copy Control controls the flow of data from preceding document to subsequent document.

Sales Order to Sales Order (QT --> OR): VTAA

Sales Order to Delivery (OR --> LF): VTLA

Sales Order to Billing (OR --> F1): VTFA

Delivery to Billing(LF --> F2): VTFL

Billing to Sales Order (F2 --> RE): VTAF

The advantage of copy control settings are it controls the flow of data from one document to another at header & item level. Incase of Salas to sales & Sales to delivery, it also controls the flow of data from schedule line.

Check the below link.

[Copy Control |]


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