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copy controls, how to do it

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The SOrder type is ZOR1

The deliv doc type is ZLF1

How to set copy controls at the header and item levels???

gone to VTLA....selected both the to set copy controls between header and item level...please help me...

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Answers (3)

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Dear raghu ram

At Header Level :

Conditions :

Order requirements:::::::::001

Combination requtmt:::::::051

Data Transfer

Header Data:::::::::::::::::::001

At Item Category Level

Order requirements::::::::101

Data Transfer

Item data:::::::::::::::::::::::101

Business Data::::::::::::::::2

Select "Update document flow"


G. Lakshmipathi

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Hi Lakshmipathi,

What exactly is the use of Combination requtmt:::::::051.


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If u r new ...

then bwest way os to first see the std's like copy controls of OR - LF - F2 then u can know what settings reqd for a std flow !!!

Then u will also get confidence to create yr own..

it is always better to copy frm std any order type, Del type or billing type so that u copy with the copy controls and it works that way..

then ucan change any routine to suit cust process

Reward if useful


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check with the standard settings for OR to LF if its the same functionality you are looking for. It is best advised to copy the standard documents than set things from scratch when the modification or variantion required is small. This would in the long run ensure uniformity in the system. But just incase you need to follow a different way of copying data, you can select the header level and item level controls on the left hand side of the screen to set the required copy routines.

the first thing would be the requirement based on which copy is done from OR to LF. Then at the item level select the required item cat and make the settings with respect to item numbers, document flow update, positive neg effects. etc.


sadhu kishore