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Copy COntrol Query

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Hi Team,

In my current project we have a current requirement and I need to enhance the SAP standard logic in copy control.

We are creating ZFOC sales document with refereence to ZOR sales document type. As we all know that the data is copied through copy control through VTAA.

I Want that the  net value (NETWR) should not be copied from sales order to free of charge document when created using reference through copy control.

Can you tell me in which data transfer routines the changes needs to be made.

151- General item data

101- compl.

002- Partner item

If I am right, it should be routing 101 where the changes needs to be made. But if anyone can confirm and let me know where exactly the code needs to be written or if there is some other way around.

Waiting for response.

Thank you

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Hi Shekhar,

Yes In Copy Control Sale Order to Sale Order (VTAA)

Use the copying routine,

     DataT 151 General item data

     DataT 102 compl.
     DataT 002 Partner item

And also Pricing type : B - Carry out new pricing.

It will not copy Net value to the FOC sale Order.



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Yes, you are right. Somehow that day I didnt check all the options. later on when I checked I made the changes and when i tested it, it worked. But thank you very much for replying.