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Copy Basic & Forecast dates from Project Definition to WBS Element

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Hi Experts,

We have a requirement to copy the Basic and Forecast dates entered in the Project Definition to all the WBS Elements that are created for that Project Definition. We tried to implement substitution but the fields for the WBS Element dates (Table PRTE) is not available in substitution and we were also not able to add the table to substitution.

Is there any other way to copy the Basic and Forecast dates from the Project Definition to all the WBS Elements. Please advise.

Thank you!



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Can be an enhancement on WBS Save event.

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Answers (1)

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I hope the substitution is allowed for tables like PROJ, PRPS etc. (means, the fields from other tables may not be available for "to be substituted" and "getting value for substitution").

Project Definition is having only two date fields (planned start & end dates). All the basic/forecast dates are available in WBS elements.

You can try to add additional date fields in PROJ table (as CI include). You can try to use user-exit to propagate these field values to WBS elements while saving. Or other option could be to use some BDC to push the dates from external file to WBS.