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COPA valuation without Standard cost estimate

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Dear experts

Normally, I do standard cost estimate with quantity for

Material type FERT.

Then by configuration on KE4J & KE4R, the breaking up cost

Is transferred to COPA.

However, for only some materials, I donu2019t do standard cost estimate

and insert standard cost to material master directly.

In this case, the standard cost on material master cannot

be transferred. The value become Zero.

Is there any good way?

Or do I have to do standard cost estimate?


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Kaneko san,

In a valuation strategy, you can use costing sheet, material cost or a user exit. If you want to use standard price to populate CO-PA, you can use costing sheet.

I would suggest that you cost all materials which are sold instead of populating standard price directly for some. You can use plan price field to put the value and then use it for costing. This is a better practice.

Sanjay W

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If you need fine tuning beyond material type (KE4R), KEPC is the next way.

IMG: Assign Costing Keys to Any Characteristics (KEPC)

The concept is similar to characteristcs derivation. You set up combination value table to determine costing key by table lookup mechanism.

In substance, what KE4R and KEPC do is the same. They determine costing keys for materials (FGs).

If costing key is determined, you need cost estimates. If coting key is not determined, I think SAP does not show error for the FG when billing. You need to assign COGS condition type to the value field in that case, instead of cost component by way of costing key.

If you see any rule identifying those FGs which do not need cost estimates, you set up this derivation rule in KEPC to exclude those FGs. Then they won't cause any error.

I think this should work.