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COPA Prerequisites

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I need to know what are the prerequisites for implementing COPA ? I know that cost of sales should always be reconciled with financial accounting, what are the other things that being a consultant should check with client ? Pls advice.

best regds


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Subha,

As Srinivas explanation is correct, But values flows from MM module is very rare situations it will be used.


Controlling area must be completed.

Characteristics and values fields assignment to Operation concern.

Derivation Rules for User defined characteristics.

Direct Postings from FI and Production variances - through PA transfer structure.

Standard Cost Estimate - through Costing Key's

Revenue details - through SD Condition types.

Transfer of Overheads - through COPA Assessment Cycles.

Below mentioned will help you for better understanding.

Thanks & Regards


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Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Dear Subhadeep,

Apart from the above suggestions firstly you need to get the clarity whether you want to go for Costing based or Account based Profitability Analysis.

It is very important to understand the business requirement of Profitability reports since your Characteristics and Derivation rules are based on it.

Also, understand about the Planning component in COPA if it is required.


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Important Steps for CO-PA:

(Costing Base CO-PA)

1. First you have to decide the Character and Value Fields you required for reporting purposes and accordingly select the Char Value Fields. (KEA0)

2. You have to generate the operating concern and assign CO area to the operating concern.

3. KEKE: You have to activate your operating concern

Above are the basic steps for CO-PA we have many more steps for flow of values from FI, PP, SD and MM to CO-PA

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Hi Subha,

COPA will get values from different modules and sub-modules of CO:

  • You will get sales and revenues details through SD condition type and direct posting from FI and MM.

  • Also, materials standard cost and production variance from Product Costing through costing keys.

  • Under/Over absorbed cost from cost centers through COPA assessment cycles.

Discuss all these in terms of client's requirement and design configuration.

BR, Srinivas Salpala