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COPA document was not generating for MTO scenario

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I configured COPA and for MTS (Make to Stock) it is working fine. And also creating COPA document.

But COPA document was not generating for the Make to order scenario (MTO).

I created one material and its release strategy is MTS. It worked finely for COPA.

After i changed this release stragety as MTO and now the copa document was not generating.

Please guide me in this scenario

Regards - Sateesh

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sateesh,

The reason why the COPA documents are not being generating is because for MTOs the cost is calculated at the sales order level and at that point the sales order becomes as the primary cost object. The inofrmation does not get moved to the billing document or consequently to COPA.

In order to transfer the information to COPA, you have to settle the Sales Order using t-code VA88.

But before you can do that you first have complete some configuration. Like creating a settlement profile having the COPA profitability segment as receiver, including the object type PSG, allocation and transfer structure, also you have to configure the PA transfer structure to map the cost elements (Source) used during the settlement to value fields in COPA and assign it to the settlement profile. Keep in mind that after you have complete all the settings, nothing would get transferred to COPA, unless the PGI and/or Billing happened already, SAP keeps track that one or both have occurred before values are moved. You can have a sales order PGId, settling the order would transfer the COS information only, then when the billing document is released to accounting you can settle the order again and this time the rest of the information will be moved to COPA. For further analysis you can use t-code KE24 and search by Sales Order Number and you will see the two settlements and all the associated COPA.

Hope this helps.


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You have given very good and valuable information to me and i leared some new things related copa and mto.

i am follwoing this procedure.

1.Creation of Sales Order - VA01

2.MRP List - MD04

3.Create Planned Order - MD02

4.Produciton Creation and Release - CO01

5.Goods Issue - MB1A

6.Production Order Cofirmation - CO11

7.Goods Reciept - MB31

8.Creation of Out Bound Delivery - Vl01N

9.Post Goods Issue - VL02N

10.Billing Document Creation - VF01

11.Release to Accounting - VF02

12.Incoming Payments F-28

as per your reply in which stage i have to run the VA88. I ran the VA88 after billing , it is saying that there is no accrual amounts to settle.

Please guide me, it is vefry very urgent issue


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