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COPA Assessment cycle- Receiver objects

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Dear Experts,

I need to create a copa assessment cycle where the values need to allocate from cost centers to Products and customers (as receiver objects)

The requirement is we may have several products and customers and we would like to allocate values from cost center by using percentage method (the percentage will be finalized based on transaction taken place during the month), and the receiver products/ customer numbers are not in continuous and in few cases for the same product we may have more than once customer.

I tried to use the group option (customer and product groups), but it is not feasible to maintain the receiver percentage as system create all possible combination of products, customers.

when i try to create segment for each segment wise, i am getting error "A sender is credited by more than 100 %"

We are using costing based COPA

So could any one let me know how to maintain these cycles?



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Hi Babu

The receivers in your cycle has to be Customers and Products I.e. range of customers and products

For the basis of allocation, create a Value field and custom record type Z. Upload the values from KE21n into it

Now when you execute allocation cycle, it will allocate only to those customers and products, where you have maintained the basis of allocation in ke21n

Custom record type- IMG- Copa actual value flows - Initial steps

Br. Ajay M