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Convert V1-681 message from information to error (free goods)

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Dear SD Gurus

We want to give free goods 1 for every 10 sets. The free goods fuctionality is configured and is working fine.

But the free goods quantity in sales order is open for change. Some user may misuse this functionality. How to control the users from modifying the quantity of free goods.

Secondly, if we change the quantity of free goods in sales order to the original sales quantity system generates an information message "V1-681", can we change this to error message ??

kindly help.

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Answers (2)

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Try, Message Status Change

- Go to SE91, input V1 in Message Class and the Number and execute/display/Change

- Block the said message and press Ctrl+ Shift+ F3 from your keyboard

- Select Programs and click on green tick

- Place your mouse on white box of left side and again press Ctrl+ Shift+ F3 from your keyboard

- Do repeat the third and fourth points thrice

- Double click on the Description

- Take the assistance of ABABer and check the code

Hope this can assist you.

Thanks & Regards


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"V1-681", can we change this to error message ??

Yes you can with the help of ABAPer but strictly it is not recommended to change the standard. Rather I would prefer to control your requirement through any of the following sale order exit

a) User exits in the program MV45AFZZ - USEREXIT_READ_DOCUMENT or

b) User exits in the program MV45AFZZ - USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT


G. Lakshmipathi