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Convert Time Type to Time Wage Type

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I am trying to build a solution in Time Evaluation where an employee can receive overtime at the appropriate rate and also an allowance when the overtime is worked in certain time periods. For example:

Works from 8am to 10am. 2 hours X½ and no allowance

Works from 6am to 8am. 2 hours X1½ and 2 hours allowance at 15%

Works from 5am to 7am. 2 hours X1½, 1 hour at 15% allowance & 1 hour at 30% allowance

I have my PCR's that generate the overtime and feeds into ZML and then ZL.

I have my PCR's that generate the allowances too but as they are based on the same time pairs I can't go down the same route as my existing overtime processing types overwrite. Therefore, I have created day balances.

Is there anyway to convert the day balance to a time wage type. If so, a step by step example would be great 🙂

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When you are in the pcr, set your cursor on Operation ADDZL and call the help (F1 or the ? icon) to see the syntax of the Operation.

Instead of ADDZL9522, try ADDZL 9522 or ADDZLS9522.